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Hi ya'll!!
So i finaly broke my perpetual unemployment streak and for the last few weeks have been working at Cose Ipanema, its like a boutique store that sells bit of Dolce, bit of Gaultier, bit of Dries, bit of Comme, bit of Veridi Anne, bit of Giboude and other pretty little gorgeous expensive things... (Ab Fab reference, sad i know....)  anyway, working in such an environment is great and yet so painful to the wallet. I have no ability to save, no moral strength, not back bone if you will. LOL But on the up side my wardrobe is getting bigger and bigger. I am now the proud owner of a pair of friggen AMAZING Dries Van Noten, viscose marble print pants. Pretty exciting stuff!!!
The printing technique used for these pants and that particular Dries Van Noten collection is so interesting. It was Created in the 1920's by a man named Orbis Wirth. Basically how it works is that the rollers are covered in many layers of pigmented wax. The rollers are then, yes, rolled over moist fabric (love that word...moist) and ta-da: psychedelic prints! But the downside of this process is that only a limited amount of meters can be produced with one roller so thus it is expensive and didn't take off back in the day. Anywho, the lovely people at Dries found this lost art and revived it for the AW 09' collection. And i am forever grateful! lol
Also heres a song that reminds me of the pants, it goes a little something like this:

Such a good song! LOL (hemariging as i strugle to write anything whitty... brain = mush)SDC13899
inverted colours!!!!
featuring hairy legs and foux Nike LOL


Where do you even find translucent horses?

K, so i just got my grubby little hands on a new pair of shoes. They are pretty incredible!!!! Every time i look at them my heart skips a beat and my bladder relaxes for a split second... possibly too much information, but they are supper cool!!! I got them from a friend, fit me perfectly and it seems like they were meant to be mine. This boots are by Augusta and were made from the hopes and dreams of little children. Horse leather to be precis. Iv been looking at them and trying to work out how the translucent look has been achieved. My theory is that its un-dyed leather that has been soaked in oil. They kinda look like those pigs ears from the pet shops. hahaha
Anyway, pretty fucking happy! But the only thing is that they are a touch slippery in wet weather. The other day at South Yarra station, had me a bit of an indecent. I slipped. I tried to recover, oh boy did i try. And it happened again today at work. I went outside to take a large stack of boxes to the bin. my foot slid forward and i landed in the traditional proposing position, on one knee. but to make things worse, there was traffic. And not just one or two cars, a whole fucking main road full STANDING waiting for the green light. My violent outburst of laughter was the only thing stopping me from crying. LOL  Now im going to get the soles done.
excuse the leg hairs... awkward


Boy who cried Wolf

Sorry guys, im seriously so bad at this. Always posting really late. But today is my day off and so im gonna try and catch up with this little thing i like to call Shifting Identities blog. lol
Iv been shopping like a capitalist in Thailand, and have acquired some ridiculously new cool things *throws them in the air then frolics in them* lol, so i have something to post about within the next few days.
Anyway, the theme of this post was the Patrick Wolf concert, which i attended on Monday night with what i like to affectionately call the 'fash-crew'. It was pretty damn special! PATRICK WOLF IS SO AMAZING LIVE! It truly shows that he isn't the Britney variety of performers. He played like a bazillion instruments. And i swear to god we had a moment. He looked into my eyes 4 times whilst he was performing. (yes i counted) i nearly passed out. Others maintain that he was looking at them, but i know the truth... this means that we are getting married now. Gonna raise a beautiful family of dogs... mmm... blissss.
Anyway it was soooooo good. Fun night! afterward we all, in a large crew, went to McDonald's (still waiting on my other checks for brand placement....) I was fucked, and we all ordered a meal, sat down and ate it on the traffic island in the drive through. hahahaah classy! Then i did the unimaginable. Sunk to a new low. After finishing my meal, i went for a SECOND meal!!!!! Disgusting. I did get dirty looks, not only from the fash crew but also the McDonald's employees. However in the process i invented a affordable way to look like a douche! Grab a straw from your beverage and a cigarette, place the cigarette in the straw and smoke away pretending to be Audrey Hepburn. I find that the plastic straw adds to the flavor.
Twas a most enjoyable night!
He's glowing with heavenly lights! LOL
Classy... hahaha
i saw this and it made me laugh! From Russia with love xxx


The End Is Comming

Ok, so i got time today so i thought id try and get a few backed up posts out the way. Im so irregular with my posting. I wish there was some kind of blogging fibre drink that would help keep me posting. lol
Anyway the other week i went to another costume party, god damn they are fun. This one was Apocalypse themed. My costume was quite sub standard. Im not even going to post it.But i can safely say that every one else there was pretty fab. The night before i quickly whipped up a shoulder piece out of orange patent leather in the style of GARBAGE DRESS but on steroids. I was getting ready at my friend Pauls house and i was freaking out because i left everything at home. I live far from the city and CBF traveling back and forth so i try and stay at friends houses lol. I'm like a parasite. but anyway, i turned his room upside down looking for a post apocalyptic outfit. After work i ran to Myer department store and impulse bought a pair of bronze leggings. Girl at the counter laughed at me and questioned my intentions.
Anyway, in the end i was dressed at a post apocalyptic Scotchman. (i wore a kilt to my first day of work) lol. It was messy. But other glamorous people made up for my inadequacy. Actually after the i started getting ideas of what i could have worn: duck tape, garbage bags, chains, cable ties...
OMG the funniest thing happened. Well it is funny in retrospect, not at the time: at the warehouse there were black lights that make anything white glow. It was kinda like a dentist commercial crossed with C.S.I. Miami. Glowing teeth everywhere! But wait, theirs more...the scariest part was that, i had bought my kilt only a few days before the party at Savers opp shop for $5 (great) and at the party the black lights revealed that someone had a great time in my kilt before i bought it... nice. Im telling myself that its blood instead of seaman, which is the general consensus. It helps me sleep at night. lol
Pat and Gretta from Comeback kid
Jack Mac
My shoulder piece...
Monsieur Tom
YMCA eat your heart out

Idle Hands Do The Devils Work

Okay dokay, how are you guys? sorry i haven't been posting lately, i just got a job and have been quite tired, which i know is a pathetic excuse, so to make up for my loserness i tried to do a DIY type blog post. Dunno how well i did or how it will translat to the home, cos you all know how pro i am... LOL
Anyway this top i made was for a Chris Kringle present. I was thinking for a long time about what i was going to make, something drapy, something easy and quick, something that preferably looks kinda semi socially acceptable. So i came up with the concept of DIY (im so original lol) where this garment can be worn in many different ways depending on how the wearer wants it. Like a versatile top that can be constructed in a do it yourself type manor. hahaha anyway, failed at that and instead here is what i came up with:
oh and also as i was sewing i got into this heavy mood and was listening to classical music, Prokofiev 'Montagues And Capulets' from the ballet 'Romeo And Juliet' not Lady Ga Ga believe it or not (damn she's a glamorous bitch!!) 

so i started with a basic size 12 block. i extended the sides for the under layer of the top and shoulders. Writing this now it doesn't look too understandable or DIYesk but if anyone wants the measurements or more info just shoot me an e-mail.
I cut out the pattern pieces for the under layer out of a viscose/rayon fabric and the top pieces out of a stiffer linen. Both in black, naturally. lol
I bought this trim from a fabric store, it basically has hooks and eyes sewn down the side. kinda works like a zip. I was pretty excited. Sorry bout the dodge picture, my camera is tempermental and seems to take issues with close ups...
i sewed on the hook-eye trim to the pieces of the top layer along the sides where the joining seems would be had the top pieces not be detachable with a zipper foot.
I then arranged the linen top pieces on the under layer and stitched them on. 
Side seems, hem, neck and arm holes. I was making this top the day of the Christmas party and was in such a rush. i managed to finish it but there are no pictures of anyone modeling it. Just my trusty mannequin La'ronda. i was actually an hour late to the Christmas party, lol. Trust me to be late, on my way i accidently wandered into the wrong restaurant and joined the wrong party. LOL wandered around then realised i was lost. I got to the right place in the end...thank god. hahaha good times
DIY. mixing it up, you know how it is...
Well there it is. Kinda semi wish i had decent pictures. lol i will try and make these better in the future. lol


Does not Equal

Sorry about the delayed post, iv been horrible and lazy these last few days. My social life has been booming because you know how its like, being cool and all! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, i attended the Does Not Equal launch the other week, held at the lovely Gretta and Patt's other humble abode, aka Comeback Kid. It was quite low key, yet really nice. They Jewelery was fantastic and i even wrote my name down on the order form thing, and only now have i realised that im not as good at saving money as i maybe thought i was. Bye bye birthday money. LOL
There is a group of skaters that comes along to these free booze events, and not unlike us drink all the complimentary alcohol. They sit at the back and steel drinks. It was quite funny watching one try and steel a half drunken beer from a table that someone had clearly abandoned. Little bit pathetic, but hey, who's passing judgement... The only difference is that we dress the part, bloody hobo's...
Omg, the beer served is Grolsch beer (still waiting on that other check...maybe it got lost in the mail), and those hardened alcoholics that are familiar with the bottles will know that the lids are like those rubbery things that are held in place with wire... I know I'm amazing with explanations, but anyway, the moment i saw the lids i had this uncontrollable erge to make jams and preserves. hmm maybe when i have time... yeah... I could be like Luxirare, hahahaha
ps. i just realised that my last 7 posts are not really fashiony in the least. Just a shovenisitic display of my chaotic social life, so basically either the next post or the one after that will be a DIY type situation. i hope...
lol :D
Tom, Mason, Jamie and Ashley
GROLSCH/preserve jars, however getting the jams and things out would be slightly problematic...
Grettakins pretending not to notice the paparazzi flashes aka my camera
cute right?!!

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