Fuck me im Famouse

Heya! wow, ok, so pretty excited *breathes into paper bag* iv just received my first form of publicity. Lets be honest, wasn't expecting anything of the sort so soon. now i feel like i have this immense pressure to keep the postings of a certain standard consistency not to mention on time. At uni we have this amazing spectacular late submission policy, where anything handed in within the first week of it being due only loses 10% of its mark. if only i could apply this to blogging, cos im pretty unorganized and not consistent with my posts. im gonna work on this kids, just bare with me as i learn the ropes of the blogging arena. I'd like to thank my three and a half readers for there support.
Cheers big ears,
oh and here's a link to the article in which i am cited. :D


ps. just went shopping, blew all my money, but got a few nice things, so will blog about them soon.
pps. hope you guys realize that i kid alot and am not insane... kinda

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