le Vampir

So, Halloween is around the corner and in the spirit of things i decided to do an outfits post with a, yes you guessed it by the title of this post and time of year, VAMPIRE THEME!! But looking at the pics now its a bit sub standard... awkward. And i spent so long fighting with the camera, cos its a 10 mega pixel slut that doesn't want to work like a normal camera, so there are no long/full body shots but take my word, i was wearing my new boots from the previous post. Cos i know how much you guys care about this, hahaha. Anyways in this shoot im wearing Jack London suit pants, black Wayne Cooper shirt, grandma's old trench, i chopped the sleeves off (how cleaver am i? lol) studded Comme Des Garcons coat, Burberry gum boots, and a bowler hat. Again, riveting posts!. lol Next outfits post should be better, i hope...
omg, nearly forgot, handed in my prototype yesterday got a pretty nice mark, and have one more folio to go, so im pretty pleased with life, 4 months of freedom here i come!!! i will post my prototype soon!
Also was just wondering about what to wear/go as for Halloween. For some reason i want to incorporate black glitter and fake blood but dunno how, wouldn't want to look wrong or anything hahahah. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to let me know, cos i am well and truly stumped. Much appreciated!
bye for now! :D



Anonymous said...

still no reveal of the face- who is this man, we all wonder? ha.
maybe don't incorporate the black glitter and fake blood, simply remain a clean vampire. one that is calculating and cunning, much more interesting.

Vlad said...

lol, but its a bit obvious if i go as a vampire, vlad the vampire...

Giles Crook said...

Should have gone as a condom!

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