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hey guys!
sorry about my laziness, its becoming an issue. I finally got myself in the zone and did a outfits post about my recent acquisition, because apparently i don't know how to stop spending. The other day i made a joke about seeing a psychologist about my pathological need to buy more pretty little things, and my mum, in all seriousness agreed. Its not a problem... yet, *says while trying to shut the wardrobe doors* In this particular outfits post i happen to be wearing all my toils from first year fashion. probably wouldnt wear them out of the house, or in the house for that matter, but i did today! So most of the things are samples we did to learn how to sew that i pinned to myself. FYI, needles are sharp and pointy... yeah, painful at times.
Anyway i suppose you guys want to hear about my acquisition? No? well im gonna talk about it anyway, hahaha. The other week i got a amazing pair of Comme Des Garcons shoes. If a ballet point slipper had sex with a brogue, this would be their love child. They are made from a rough calico with a fine leather lining. Trez Chic. hahaha. When i first put them on, my hear skipped a beat, fitted me perfectly-ish. bit tight along the sides because i have duck feet, so it could have been the reason for my circulation issues. Rei certainly knows how to do it. Amazingly simple yet beautiful and interesting shoes!
PS. im actually quite nervouse about this post because im venturing into face whoring... *breaths into paper bag* i just thought that as i will be featured in some episodes of the Vine.com.au DIY fashion, i should get used to my face in the public domain. :SSSSS STRESSSSSSSS
anyway, got a few more post lined up. :DD


Miss Cara said...

beautiful face whore! :D
who took the photos for you though?

Vlad said...

lol thanks cara! self timer does the trick!

Nadia said...

my russian friend!! well done on the face whoring you look beautiful!! haha

amazing shoes eeeeeee seriously they're just fucking great. also, sorry couldn't write back to msg the other day! ran out of credit haha so you should either call me so we can arrange catch up or arrange it here... i can come meet you in the city one of these days after u finish work.. let me know! so much to discuss.. including those shoes x

the doctor said...

can i just say- as a fellow design student that your toiles are bloody good- that sewing is like perfect- mine are undescribably shit compared to yours. also love the brogue and ballet slipper sex analogy haa!

Pats Babez said...

smashing post, absolutely fabulous. loving the calico. would you attribute your pristine skin in the first photo to that of either a) miracle moisturizer or b) photoshop?anyway keep on truken and i wanna see a post about dynasty!

Vlad said...

lol thank you Doctor!
and Pats Babez, you should have been at dynasties. why didnt u postpone ur face lift? hahaha

lucinda said...

I love how the shoes look predictable from the side... and then you see the scrunched up front! They shouldn't work, but they do. Liking the complete raw canvas/calico look.



Anonymous said...

your shoes are a little big arent they?

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