They call it 'Parklife'

I havn't blogged for a while and so today i thought it was necessary for me to publish another instalment, chapter of my life if you will. Those of you who are in Australia will most likely know that Parklife the music festival was held on Saturday (yesterday at the time of posting this blogpost) in Melbourne. For those of you who don't, basically its a large day long music festival in each major city of Australia, even Adelaide  (Audrey, that one's for you). *winks and points* there are 4 stages and various local and international artist performing throughout the day. And naturally everyone gets trashed and fucked up. I like the idiot that i am decided to NOT take pictures of the event even though i had the friggen camera in my backpack. but fear not, i have solved this visual dilemma by scouring the facebooks of my friends and steeling pictures from them. Im yet to tell them that, lol.
One of the best parts of the day was watching the mass break in. We were sitting on the grass on the hill minding our own business when about 30 people climbed the fence and ran in and dispersed into the rowds. Obviously they were chased by security guards and most of them got in except for one man who was unlucky enough to get caught. Would hate to be him! There were many successful and non successful break ins which were all amusing to watch.
PhotobucketLuke Steel from Empire Of The Sun
Alice Glass from Crystal Castles


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shto ti del'a'ish? ya dumala ti post good outfits and stuff... ??!! haha

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I love your blog, I'm a follower now ;)

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