yep, gum boots

lol, OK, so i went out to dinner with some friends the other night and came home with a pair of Burberry gum boots. Yep, thats right gum boots! God only knows why i would acquire gumboots on the cusp of summer, but hey, look i did. They were my friend Joe's, but didnt fit him no more, so i thoughtfully took them of his hands. How selfless am i? hahaha. Whilst at Joe's the 5 of us creative types decided to stage a shoot. It was pretty fun, i may or may not have broken the toilet seat while over enthusiastically trying to set a scene, but thats a story for another time. .. Ci, Joe and i styled the shoot, Bridie was our absolutely spectacular model, Olivia  was in charge of photography, but we are dicks hand had no actual camera to take pictures with and lets face it, mobile phone camera's just don't cut the mustard, and so the pictures arnt good quality, so basically we have decided to redo the shoot, so look out...
Anyway this blog entry was meant to be about le Burberry gum boots, but i as per usual have gone off on a tangent... loser... lol but here are some pics of the boots ;)
Look at my varicose veins... now thats a hot look :S
mmmmmm...glossy lol


harlequins party said...

Ha!!! I thought i was the only strange one with crazy vein hands :)

dc shoes uk said...

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MISS BANG said...

i almost bought the sambag rip off glossy gum boots.. soo sexy! i want them!

Obscura said...

Those are sweet!

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