Arabian nights out

Hey guys!The other day i raided the Cose Ipanema archives and founds some incredible things. Things that havn't seen the light of day since the 80's!!!!! I found these two amazing shirts, one being a vintage Yhoji Yamamoto viscose/rayon drapey oversized shirt with small embroidered knore marks on the front, kinda looks a bit like Swiss cheese (which im really excited about) and a vintage Issey Miyake cotton also oversized droopy shawl collar (fashion speak for ya there) shirth that kinda looks like either a traditional eastern European costume or a glorified dentist uniform. Im so pumped!!!! Both shirts are supper comfortable and perfect for summer. I really want to make myself a selection of exactly the same shirts in a variety of colours, maybe even ombre if im daring enough! lol Comfort was a big thing in the 80's and these shirts certainly have that element, which in a way is a luxury in a victim of fashion like myself. I often say to people that i don't care about comfort as long as the clothing looks good. Tragic...yes. *sighs while pealing off a pair of extremely uncomfortable boots.* hahaha and im not even kidding.
Recently my friend and i have kinda take on the persona's of Eddie and Patsy from Ab Fab. Me being the tragic brand whore and my friend Sam the promiscuous alcoholic. Heres a quote from the other night:

'Pats, Pats darling in the bin in the bin quick common its just there in the bin vomit in the bin, mind the Atoo,' (my new sneaker sandals, sounds gross but i assure you they are pretty cool)

'Eddie darling no no no not spilling a drop of bloody alcohol i can keep it in my mouth. n...eed to sit down, sit down just here cmon sitting down.'

I kid you not this happened. BTW, should not have worn the sandals out that night. Fucked my feet up hard core. I looked like a homeless transient cross hobbit. Not a hot look. I had to soak and pumice my feet for 3 hours. Anyway... iv totes gone off on a tangent as per usual. But here are the shirts, in a bit of a photo montage. I went for a Laurence of Arabia look, kinda, however my backyard hasn't quite got the same visual aesthetic as the deserts in Syria, but anyway, here are the pics:
iv been playing around with photoshop! haha
angry face


Nikolaj said...

I had the same haircut a year ago but now it's shorty shorty
dropp the boots and go barefoot it is the season^-^
and meet me soon in mesopotamia

Edwina Bulfrage said...

hey hey vlad this is amazing! I have a question for you, how do you make your images so big?

Vee said...

you are hot. and you crack me up!

Vlad said...

Mesopotamia is just past Ethiopia, yeah? hahaha
dearest Edwina! i photoshop them the same size then upload them to photobucket or flickr then i paste the url. :D
hihihihihi (giggling), thanks vee!!


these photos are AMAZING and your eyes are so HOT :)

emilyadele said...

iv pulled out half my hair trying to to the bluur thing over the top how do you?

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