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Hey Y'all!
So I've just been working like crazy at uni for the last few days. Well to be honest, I've been quite lazy with uni, and only now that have written out a 'to do list' do i realise how fucked i actually am. LOL. So this week off during Easter will actually be *shudders*, a study break. Iv got FML syndrome big time. I'm participating in the City of Stonington fashion show, supported by the Butterfly foundation in 2 weeks. Its basically an event to promote healthy body image. Everyone sees the irony in that, but its for a great cause and I'm happy to participate. So basically iv got to make one more outfit quick sticks! I'm putting in a men's shirt that i made for an assignment this semester. That shirt caused me a bit of stress. Spent the entire day sewing it, gave myself crippling back pain being hunched over the sewing machine, but i was proud of it. I then got home, sat down on my bed, got my quick unpick out and whilst cutting open the button holes, i fucked it. Sliced a hole in the stand. Where the top button goes. Right in plain view. So i put the shirt down, walked to the fridge in silence, and started eating. Good times!
Anyway, here are some pictures of me from fashion week! (its all about me!) lol courtesy of Jamie and Comeback Kid.


Anonymous said...

kind of daggy

Vlad said...

hahaha Thanks man! :D

lucinda said...

That shirt story is so tragic! So much disaster from a small buttonhole. Hope you can sort it out.

Where did you get your grey side bag from?

Braindance said...

Those marble trousers are quality, I am actually jealous, where are they from, maybe I can find my very own pair...

Vlad said...

Thanks Lucinda! I told the teacher the entire story and he laughed, so im assuming its going to be ok. LOL
I actually made my bag out of an old leather jacket. iv had it for years except its stating to fall apart and i dont think im ready to part with it just yet.
haha my rainbow trousers are Dries Van Noten from the AW 08/09 collection (iv got the catalog aswell, its so good)

lucinda said...

You made that?! Please start an accessories line... or send it my way if you do decide to let it go!

Karla said...

the combo in the last pic is sooo crazygood!


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