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hello there,
My name is Vlad, i am the author of this blog. Not a very good one seeing as i haven't posted a scheric of a post since August!!!!
But i would like to thank you guys for leaving me nice supportive comments while i was away (mentally). it really made me feel guilty (so, well done) for neglecting this blog like that spur of the moment sale purchase that in the heat of the ecstatic atmosphere seems necessary to my very existence, but alas is another pair of ridiculously uncomfortable and feet mangling shoes that will now sit ceremoniously in their box along with all the other past season dregs, that have accumulated in my wardrobe... hmm, apparently i have issues.
so anyway, i finished uni for the year and have now moved up one notch in the social hierarchy that is RMIT Fashion. Only 2 more years left! woo! *fist pump*. This year all the 2nd year students had a fashion show at the GPO. We got the opportunity to either have a performance piece or be part of the runway. being the egocentric person that i am, i chose performance piece. before i get into that i should probs explain my final prototype.
This semester we were learning about the traditions of tailoring and the techniques involved. i was in the fancy pants experimental class and so as a result my tailoring outcome was an experiment. my proposition is a garment that comes as a flat sheet of fabric that can be assembled with the use of zips to construct a blazer. its a very simple concept that looks quite effective especially in a performance art arena. I did a shoot with my bezzie Ci, and here it is! Also I'll try and put up the video, but its on facebook and I'm not sure if that will work...
ps. sorry again for being such a flakey bitch tit and not posting.


Party Weirdo said...

oooh that jacket is very cool. i love when things are deconstructed.

Suzanne said...

I really like the idea of assembling it yourself which also gives the wearer the pleasure of constructing something for him or herself, really nice!

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