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So i begin my fifth blog post; nothing too exciting has taken place in my life since i last logged in, but i decided that i need to get into a regular blogging habit or my 3 and a half readers will go else where, which will be a touch disappointing. I have been doing a bit of drawing, predominantly for one of my many folio classes. I really don't have any time to draw for myself which is a real shame because i really enjoy just relaxing and sketching pointlessly. At the risk of sounding like a middle aged lady with many cats (which is where I'm headed) i particularly like the odd bit of scrap-booking, and by that i mean collageing. (My spelling is not the best and my mac has issues, so some words don't exist on spellcheck, which can be an absolute bitch when you know they exist but mac is underlining it with a pretty red squiggle - ranting again)
Anyway, here are some of my drawings and collages, hope you like, ya? *winks*

This is a little something i made last semester for uni and i like to dedicate this to one of my bezzies Jovana, is just reminds me of her for some reason and thus she will inherit this when i die, along with Comme ;)
Bit of an ink and mixed media number i like to call 'Jolene, Queen of Clubs'


FOXYMAN said...

AMAZING!!!! so talented... can't even pick my favorite one, they're too good. :)

cwatson said...


Vlad said...

thank you so much!

Braindance said...

I very much like the second from last

Jimmy said...

love the last one honey.

Laurie Luxe said...

the last one is amazing especially vlad!

La Chauve-Souris said...

wow your outragously talented!! Im impressed! they're all amazing

makita said...

very talented! i love your blog. i just recently made one also :)

Daniel said...

Love the last one. 125 magazine Kristian Schuller. Amazing photographer!

lucinda said...

You're collages/drawings are very cool. I like the queen of clubs. Nice blog!

Jana said...

vlad, these are beautiful.

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