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Sup peeps! The other day i was wondering in the city with one of my friends Jeremy, who i must say is one of the most stylish kids that roams the streets of Melbourne. We were wondering around near King street and came across a garage sale. Totally random, yeah? at the garage sale we found plenty of cool nick-knack and thingies, they even had a MJ doll. I bought these two 90's hologram glass pendants, one with a pretty cool eye and one with JEZUSSSS!!! I was/am quite excited. I think I'm developing an unnatural fixation with religious paraphernalia. Anyway, iv been wearing them practically every day because i love them so. My posts are so deep, haha. Also at the garage sale i bought this pretty rad watch, it looks like a bolt/nut thing, it needs batteries though. It will make an appearance on this blog soon. 


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