White night

Hola! So i went to savers the other day and rummaged through the many racks and found this pretty damn awesome silk sweater. It is off white and like most sweaters, is knitted. I love it because the many thin silk yarns are acting like a single knitting yarn and the magical knitting looms of "Trent Nathan" have created a fascinatingly confusing knit. Im sure your all riveted by the construction, but trust me when i say its pretty spesh. After this purchase as well as some other funky sweaters and a pair of fantastic mustard pleated like there's no tomorrow business pants, i decided to play dress ups. I got out all my whites and went to town. I have to confess that i have abused the Melbourne black for a while now and it was good to get out of that rut. i wore the sweater as a pair of leggings under a pair of white Levi's that i shredded. Nothing to crazy. lol i sound like a bit of a tool. hahaha NOICE!

I made those gloves and a have some orders for them already, its pretty exciting.
This knit is fascinating, so fancy.
ROLLERS! I got them for 5 bucks at a factory shoe outlet store. Pretty sweet!


Izabel said...

yay you got a blog.. will put you on my side links..

looking very white here vlad me like!

you and me saversss next week!

Vlad said...

lol i did! i put you in my thing as well!
yess lets do this shit! get or thrift shopping on!

Braindance said...

I very much like the jumper worn as leggings, am trying to learn more about knitting, as of yet, I am still on the blankets and scarfs page...

"I sound like a bit of a tool" made me laugh out loud.

Vlad said...

haha your better than i, i cant knit at all, it takes too much hand eye co-ordination for me to succeed, so i can only appreciate the art :(

Braindance said...

I thought that, it is really easy to do things like blankets, I reckon that is why old grannies like to knit, the repetition is very soothing.
My friend is a KNITTING MASTER, jumpers and shit covered in unicorns and skulls.
Are you related to Vlad the impaler?

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