They call it the scariest night on the calender, i call it Saturday night...

So, um, yeah... Halloween was Saturday night and I decided that rather than giving out candy to grubby children I'd go out to some dress up parties. Finding a costume proved to be rather difficult task, lets be honest, i struggled with ideas. No amount of frantic facebook posting solved this dilemma. So in the day in question i got my father to drop me of at Frankston savers for a few hours of intense shopping. There i wandered the isles and found a pretty exciting military/hotel buss-boy uniform, ironically in the women's section for $7. BARGAIN!!!  *pumps fist in air* But it still wasn't enough. On the way home in the car i had a flash of brilliance, as well as modesty. LOL. Anyway, in year 12 for my art project i made a couple of dead forest inspired dresses out of tulle and cable ties, yep cable ties. I am quite the creative type you see, and naturally as every high-school designer that uses polyester satin, tulle and cable ties to make evening gowns will tell you that a garment is not complete without a matching tulle and cable tie head piece. So i dug them out of the the nook i hid them in when i finished school and sewed them onto the shoulders in a Gaga-esk fashion and trimmed them down to avoid losing an eye. I jumped on a train and made my way to south Melbourne, to same apartment block where Nick Riewoldt (captain for the St. Kilda football team) calls home, to my best friend Jovana's friend Mitch's house... lol. We got ready/drunk there and made our way into the city. In search for a cab we all realised that i have anger management issues I've repressed for too long that i need to face, yelling profanities and gesturing lewdly in the middle of the road at passing cabs was not my finest hour for sure.
In the end we made it to destination 1, a warehouse party in Brunswick street run by the same people that own Fat and possibly Alphavill, not too sure on the deets, but it was very fun. We danced to alternative, experimental, indie noise (belive me, we found a way). Drank some beers and chilled with the fantastically costumed people. My friend Sam kept the booze flowing from behind the bar and we are forever grateful to him!
After that we aggressively caught another cab to a house party. The bloody cab driver took us too far and we were a bit lost. We wandered, like moths to a flame found a house with music. Awkwardly wandered into a quaint arrangement of friends getting drunk. Realizing it was the WRONG PARTY we stumbled out and kept walking. Finally we got to Gretta and Patt's (form the fantastic store ComeBack Kid lol advertising) swingin' shin dig. It was sooooooo awesome!!!! Every one was dressed up!!! We stayed there till the police decided we had had enough fun for one night at which point i tagged along (like a leach) with Nadia aka FOXYMAN and Cami and Stacey and Alessandra everyone else to another location which might have been a kebab shop and then the warehouse party again. It was a great night, was hit on by a hooker on Grey st. and ended up on Stacey's leather couch. Twas a good night.
Jovana, me being and only child, is the closest thing i have to a sister *eye moistens*, took the picture for the night and here they are:
Wow, bit of a long rant today. I wonder if any of my three and a half readers will read this? hahaha anyway...
Au revoir!
Little bit of faceage there, lol
Yep, thats a dingo head eating Azaria Chamberlain!! aka Jack
Laurie and Jov
Laurie and Ich


NADIA said...

hahahaha i actually read the whole thing. such a fun night... shut up you aren't a leach!!! was lovely to have your company and HAHA so funny about the hooker!!! ps you forgot to mention how alex (stacey's housemate) freaked us out about 2012, dying too young and too pretty and being enslaved by reptilian humanoids!!! PRETTY MUCH GOOGLED EVERYTHING I COULD ABOUT THEM WHEN I GOT HOME THE NEXT DAY... STACEY THINKS IM NUTS HAHA

ZnCu said...

wow! i actually sat down and finished reading this entire entry! *and i think my neighbours heard me laughing.. lol:D firstly, the sickest outfit and makeup, in the awesome-est way! :P and secondly i was too.. one of the year 12 design kid who used polyester satin and strange sorts of plastic (*film negatives... lol):P
keep posting vlad i think you have many more than 3 and a half readers now !!!

Vlad said...

hahah nadia! i kept thinking that there were ghosts in staceys house and omg lizard people are actually freeky!!!
Thank you Kara!!!

Ode To Divorce said...

you guys look so good! this is what stupid year 12 does to me. Prevent me from having awesome halloween party like this! you looked great vlad

aaronpurdie said...

that was an epic read, but had me on the edge of my chair. i stalked your blog all day while I was at work waiting for this post and it was well worth the wait and certainly the anticipation. your night sounds amazing!! my halloween evening in comparison sounds more like the happenings of the WRONG party you stumbled into LOL! nice slight faceage as well lol

Cami said...

Hahahaha funny post Vlad - you're outfit KICKED ASS. Very impressed. A few more like this and your internship is guaranteed hahah

Vlad said...

hahaha you should see what i can do with toilet paper and bin liners!!! MacGyver aint got nothing on me :P

Braindance said...

Man, am I the ONLY
*cue melodramatic music from the 30s*
who stayed in this halloween?
I bought a shit load of sweets and chocolate for a bunch of kids that NEVER CAME. Selfish plebs. Now my waistline is groaning for room, as I ate all the snacks whilst drinking red wine. I keep promising to go running when it stops raining, aka never.

I read your blog, you make me chuckle, which is always a good thing in the midst of number crunching/pretending to work.

NADIA said...

ps you look like the misfits skull in the first photo haha

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