Does not Equal

Sorry about the delayed post, iv been horrible and lazy these last few days. My social life has been booming because you know how its like, being cool and all! HAHAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, i attended the Does Not Equal launch the other week, held at the lovely Gretta and Patt's other humble abode, aka Comeback Kid. It was quite low key, yet really nice. They Jewelery was fantastic and i even wrote my name down on the order form thing, and only now have i realised that im not as good at saving money as i maybe thought i was. Bye bye birthday money. LOL
There is a group of skaters that comes along to these free booze events, and not unlike us drink all the complimentary alcohol. They sit at the back and steel drinks. It was quite funny watching one try and steel a half drunken beer from a table that someone had clearly abandoned. Little bit pathetic, but hey, who's passing judgement... The only difference is that we dress the part, bloody hobo's...
Omg, the beer served is Grolsch beer (still waiting on that other check...maybe it got lost in the mail), and those hardened alcoholics that are familiar with the bottles will know that the lids are like those rubbery things that are held in place with wire... I know I'm amazing with explanations, but anyway, the moment i saw the lids i had this uncontrollable erge to make jams and preserves. hmm maybe when i have time... yeah... I could be like Luxirare, hahahaha
ps. i just realised that my last 7 posts are not really fashiony in the least. Just a shovenisitic display of my chaotic social life, so basically either the next post or the one after that will be a DIY type situation. i hope...
lol :D
Tom, Mason, Jamie and Ashley
GROLSCH/preserve jars, however getting the jams and things out would be slightly problematic...
Grettakins pretending not to notice the paparazzi flashes aka my camera
cute right?!!


Cami said...

Those skaters aren't hobos - they're probably the coolest people there cos they don't give a shit!! Fashion snobbery Vlad! Don't let it go to your head now... hahaha X

Vlad said...

hahahaha, they are hobos when they get aggressive other than that we are all the same!

peppermintswish said...

they sound hot hook me up

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