Lets hope all the crap stays in 2009...

Hey guys!
I know we are well into 2010 and the noted custom is to congratulate generally prior to the occasion, but happy new year!!! Id like to take this opportunity to thank all of my 3 and a half readers for sticking by me and supporting me with your lovely comments. I truly hope 2010 will be a fantastic year for everyone and everything bad will remain in the previous year. Judging by this post you'd think that i won an Oscar or some kind of award, (que tears and religious banter) lol, but alas no, im still the same scared weird little fashion student that nervously started posting under the guiding hand of FOXYMAN not to long ago. LOL now this sounds like a eulogy. Im gifted like that. lol  anyway...
I had a questionable new years eve celebration. I wont get into it because this neither the time nor place. But lets just hope that everything will be ok and the new year will be a positive one!
Clearly this is a rushed post, and for that I'm sorry. Now that I'm a 'shop girl' i don't have a spare 3-4 hours to do a proper post every time, so here is abba, lol. hope ya'll enjoy it!
ps, some good things to come ;)

lol sorry, hahahaha

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i love your blog! :)

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