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Hey every one!
im sorry my posts are becoming few and far between. Its so stupid, im just getting lazy. But on a lighter note I've been sitting on this little piece of information for a few weeks now. lol i really wanted to tell you guys ages ago, but now that its official i can announce it with pride!!! hahahah I am the new Fashion DIY presenter thing for the AGE's Vine website!!! PRETTY EXCITED! Today was the filming for the first do it yourself project and i still cant give much away, but it was pretty exciting! We shot in this really cool Kitsch kitchen, complete with faux marble laminate bench tops and pastel furniture. It was so fun, but im so bad at remembering lines, not that we had a script, but there was a certain amount of things i was meant to say and i kept stuffing up. hahaha And im so glad that a brought a 'here's one i prepared earlyer' because the DIY garment turned out slightly different to the way i had intended and having a backup was a good idea. i will post the video up when its finally edited. Im secretly petrified of the results because i don't know how much the camera hates me just yet or which angles aren't flattering to me on film. hahahah Speaking of which my face will be on the videos and my anonymity will go down the drain. Gonna finally whore my face out! :SSS now i pose the question do i have a face for tv? Some say yes but recent facebook photos say no. We'll see soon enough. Now i need to start planning the next one, which will be filmed in 2 weeks! its supper exciting!!! here are some pics of the set and the supper cool people i worked with today:
Mark with the camera
the lovely Mel
really love that lamp. haha


jovana said...

ahhhh so coool o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Hayley said...

Heya, amazing, I'm joining The Vine too! Can't wait to see your diy piece. Oh and how cool is their office, I wanna do a shoot in all the different rooms. xxx

lucinda said...

Congrats! I'm sure you'll blow us away with your DIYs and camera angles.

cat said...

love the interior design :-) xx cat
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