Where The Wild Things Are

So, i just watched the movie "Where the wild things are" (as you may have guessed by the title of this post). Such a sweet movie. The monsters looked so real. I was really impressed (which to be honest, isn't saying much cos a surprised kitten impresses me).
The movie actually freaked me out at times, when some characters would undermine Max causing rifts in the group. I loved the scenes of destruction party because they remind me of recent nights out.
The other week me and my friends went to a Lederhosen themed party. 'What could possibly be wrong with men in short leather pants?' we thought. I even stayed up till 2am super gluing braid onto leather just to gain free entry. We should have turned away when we saw a topless 60 year old man in leather pants and nipple clips and a beard leaving that seedy seedy seedy gay club. But no, we persisted. there were no under 30's other than us. Nothing will be able to wash away the memories of that club. PROJECTING DIRTY PORN IN SEPIA TONE DOESN'T MAKE IT ART HOUSE!!! Wow, started talking about a innocent children's movie and now i am onto this. Nice.
The only way we could psychologically cope with the surroundings was to be drunk. And drink we did. Until the lube on the stripping pole and scattered condoms weren't at all disturbing. We hit a point and turned into little monsters. Nothing was safe. Every skin toned elongated balloon was popped, nibblies thrown everywhere, glasses shattered, all this whilst looking fantastic dressed as Austrians. After a short stint in hell, we left and on the way to another club we found an abandoned warehouse... Yep you guessed it! We ran in and climbed the stairs, i distinctly remember the sound of shattering windows. It was so cool! Imagine doing a shoot there... after that we parted ways and went home. Which was for the best because i had work the next day. mmm see im responsible!
Coincidentally, my latest op shop purchases lend themselves quite easily to this theme. I found this Amazing brown mohair cardigan and amazing pair of English men's clogs. Soooo good and all from one Savers hawl. Winter here i come!!
Anyway enough ranting, Vlad. Here are the pictures:



aaronpurdie said...

Vlad, these shoes are incredible! I am incredibly jealous!

Charleston said...

your fashionable life is full of charm and class


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