Paper Cuts

Hey guys!
just thought i'd post some of my uni work. this is my first semester prototype. we had to create a complete outfit consisting of at least two pieces with a concept and etc. My concept is called paper cuts. I wanted to create garments with a non traditional fabrication method and so instead of sewing i glued most of the seams together. the glue i used was quite stiff and as the layers of fabric built up created a kind of skeleton structure. i then slit the fabric horisontaly to create a net like texture. I was facinated how the slits in the fabric undermine the structural itegrity of the glued garment making it colapse. Lol wanky fashion speak! We also had to make A1 posters for our assesment and naturaly i ran out of time to have a photoshoot with a model so instead i masking taped the garments to a white wall and took pictures, and here they are: hope you guys like them!


Shandi said...

this is so good. bet you got an A++, yea? very unique.


lucinda said...

Nice work. I love the idea of glueing clothes together but the slashes are just perfect!

StudFarmBlog said...

I really love this Vlad!

Vlad said...

thank you so much! semester was so stressful, but it was all worth it! hahaha

Cookie and Juice said...

VLAD AMAZING!!!!! well done :)

Emily Collins said...

Vlad I reckon this shoot works really well! I dont really understand what you did though, so you glued all the pieces together and then sewed it to a garment and then slit it or had all the pieces and just glued it together and left the splits? I dont really understand but aesthetically it is so so strong! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Vlad this looks awesome! Hope ur next semester is just as good! Xo tish from 4 th year. Luv ya work.

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