hmmm... Melbourne has truly bazaar weather. the other week we were enjoying a near tropical climate and now its raining and cold. i even turned my heater on for the first time in 3 weeks. So i got thinking, what would it be like in warm place like Morocco and yes i came the conclusion that it would be warm. So i got out some of my adornments and jewellery that reminded me of Morocco and started snapping whilst thinking about all the tanning and shopping that i could be doing if i was there. Nadia aka, FOXYMAN, has been trying to convince me to whore my face out on this blog, but i dont know yet. we'll see how i go. lol
Bit of chin happening there.
Id like you all to meet my child. His name is Dries Van Noten and is an amazing belt i bought myself for my birthday last year.
I made these orange leather bracelets in a spur of the moment type creative blur. I just super glued strips of leather together, i know im talented...
I bought that hat for 2 dollars at an op shop, and it probably cost that much to buy in Thai Land. lol


FOXYMAN said...

whore out your face already, c'mon you pretty much have in this post!!!! nearly there x

Fashion Hayley said...

Hahahah Vlad don't whore your face out till Nadia does on her blog. I'm the only face whore here. Be warned though, people will recognise you once you do. Also super cool blog, I've linked to you.

aaronpurdie said...

so fucking cool.
I love the orange bracelet, what's the rrp lol?
also the red bead neckalce and the hat do the trick.

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