Hey! Last night i went to the RMIT fashion exhibition. It was soooo good! It was held in the old disheveled hotel thing above the Carlton club. The graduates all had rooms in which they displayed there garments in an instillation. We all wandered from room to room, but bloody hell was it hot. Sweating like a pig i was along with other students and teachers and parents. It was a beautiful bonding moment, really. LOL
The works were fantastic, i was shitting myself as i wandered looking at the fruits of there labor. They are seriously talented. I think these sorts of things are great, especially because they give me drive and motivation as well as heart palpitations. I was talking to this girl Monday night at public bar, as you do, and as we are both Russian we both understood the genetic desire to achieve as well as the conditioning to be the best in the 'new' country from a young age. lol. For example, back in the day, if i was to say: get 97% on a test my parents wouldn't say: 'Congratulations! have an icy-pole.' they would say: 'well done, but why not 100%?'  I remember when i would go for walks with my dad in primary school, he would always ask me times tables. lol He was a touch disappointed when i quit maths in year 10. Im a creative type, you see... hahahahah
Mother eeff, ranting again.
Anyway, latter that night i met up with some other fashion students and we went to Shanghai dumplings. Me being the dickhead that i am, accidentally misguided the amount of vegetarians at the table and ordered too many servings of fried pork dumplings. So there we were in a predicament, we ate sooooo many effing dumplings and now i think iv reached my lifetime allowance for dumplings. Nice one Vlad. lol, in the end we had an entire serving left over so we fed it to some aggressive possums at the Carlton gardens, whilst sipping on the finest 'Fruity Lexia' Sunnyvale had to offer. Good times, good times!
Here are the pictures: i must warn, i did get a bit trigger happy with the camera, so there are lots of pictures. lol
Izabel is a sexy beast, i was so amused and not gonna lie, slightly jealous watching her get 'hey there' looks on the train from hot people. hahaha
Nadia and Cami  in the "Dungeon"
Mel and Lucy, we had a great convo about our jewishness over pork dumplings. lol Lucy had the vegetarian
Min Hee's pieces
Georgia's Pieces
Amazing, right?
Nat's Pieces
Scene of the crime, lol


Anonymous said...

you ate all of those didm't you!?

Vlad said...

lol not all but it was deffs more than a sane human being would eat.

Cami said...

you've pimped my face - now you HAVE TO pimp yours out...... come on Vlad... hahahaha lovely pics xxx

Braindance said...

That is a lot of porky balls, and the big thong is ace, the concept and execution gave me a hearty chuckle.

Edwina Bulfrage said...

mmmmm pumpkin cakes

peppermintswish said...

ohh j'adore <3

Obscura said...

Curtain thong=Best thing ever.

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